About The Team

12778776_10208937146372284_3297453274415197999_oMatt Klopot is a writer, comedian, photographer, television maker, husband, and fried food enthusiast living in Toronto, Canada. He wears many hats, but the hat he likes the best is podcaster. He has thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with Leon every other week and diving into the wonderful world of Air Bud.

Favourite thing about Air Bud: The Coaches

Least favourite thing about Air Bud: Emma’s accent in World Pup

Leon Weinstein had the dubiously brilliant idea for the Air Bud Pawdcast after an overdose of caffeine. Matt, being the far more practical one of the duo harnessed Leon’s relentless enthusiasm and put it in front of a microphone. It’s now canon that he was educated at Hogwarts in New Zealand. Leon has one decent photo that was taken years ago to fool people into thinking he’s the heart-breaker of the duo, but in reality that’s our superstar producer Julianna.

Favourite thing about Air Bud: Tom’s bowl cut.

Least favourite thing about Air Bud: The three year wait since the last Air Buddies film.

Julianna Romanyk is a producer, freelance writer, composer, and media production student living in Toronto. She loves cats, playing piano, cooking, and watching standup until her brains turns into mush. During podcast recordings, she can be found at the sound board, frantically managing the levels as Matt & Leon animatedly talk about plot holes in children’s films.

Favourite thing about Air Bud: When dogs being better at sports than humans are.

Least favourite thing about Air Bud: When the dogs talk. CGI is an affront to god.