Let’s have a moment of silence as we say goodbye to the Air Bud Cinematic Universe proper…

…Then an hour and 52 minutes of absurd ramblings, references and improv that may have transcended the insanity of the film we watched herunterladen bewerbung. With the aid of good pal Joel Babcock (@explozeb, Bad Movie Toronto), we lay season one of the Pawdcast to rest kostenlos schriften für macen. Though not before an earnest discussion of what actual children thought of Super Buddies, the most ballsy and ridiculous Buddies film yet. We talk about learned helplessness, curious candy store choices, instrumental stings and gratuitous plugs itunes download ipad. Don’t like it? Check yourself before you Chipwreck yourself!

N.B. Matt was 100% right about the pronunciation of Roanoke and it turns out that Chk Chk Boom Girl made the whole thing up sky folgenen. Also you can find episode one of 28 Day Slater here.

See you next season. B-Dawg Nation out herunterladen!

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